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Paris 2020 European Athletics Championship


The organising committee for the Paris 2020 European Athletics Championships brought its philosophy – to inspire the future – to life today in Berlin with the unveiling of the visual identity for the 26th and next edition of the continental event.


Paris 2020

The presentation showcased the logo that will become the signature of the outdoor European Championships, scheduled from 26-30 August 2020 at the Charléty Stadium in Paris. The logo combines the Eiffel Tower, the iconic symbol of Paris, and an athletics track. Bringing us to the future, the track unfolds from the “Iron Lady’s” feet towards 2020 and beyond, towards this golden flame which, in its cauldron, will illuminate the French capital in 2024 during the Olympic Games.

The logo will be the symbol of the 2020 European Athletics Championships, whose visual identity – festive and dynamic with its bright colors – gives life to the philosophy of the event: to inspire the new generation, young athletes dreaming of participating in the 2024 Olympic Games, as well as sports enthusiasts in general.

André Giraud, President of the French Athletics Federation and President of the Paris 2020 Organiasing Committee said: “While an opportunity to celebrate the athletes after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, above all the Paris 2020 European Athletics Championships will open a new cycle for French sport, of which the 2024 Olympic Games will be the highlight. This logo perfectly represents that energy, embracing the values of athletics, that we wish to initiate as of 2020. This unifying energy will be passed on as a legacy, so that it will continue to grow until 2024.”

The idea is to inspire tomorrow by sharing the dreams and emotions of today. “Through its aesthetics and colors, this logo – and the visual identity as a whole – has strong potential and should resonate, particularly among a young public,” added Giraud. “It is part of our desire to open athletics to a broader public. By organising a festival of sport around athletics and uniting generations, we hope to contribute to the development of the first Olympic sport and all of French sport. The village in the heart of Paris will be free, open to everyone and where the medal ceremonies will take place. Together with the half-marathon, they are the symbols of our desire to make athletics shine outside the stadium to gain popular fervor.”

The communications of the organising committee will soon reflect this visual identity, with the aim of mobilising as many people as possible, from members of the French Athletics Federation to families, including all fans of major events. The next steps are scheduled for the beginning of 2019, which will see the official opening of the ticketing of the Paris 2020 European Athletics Championships and the launch of the recruitment campaign for volunteers.

Former French athletes provide a strong legacy

In the lead up to Paris 2020, the organising committee will continue to deploy former French athletes (Marie-José Pérec and Eunice Barber will soon be joined by Yohann Diniz) to promote the event. Their role will be essential to consolidate the legacy of the event, including through a programme of actions designed to promote the values of sport and encourage people to practice it.

The organising committee has also made sustainable development one of its priorities. The compactness of the venues (only 5 minutes’ walk between the Charléty Stadium and the Cité Universitaire where the athletes will be accommodated) will allow for a reduction in the carbon footprint of the event. Other eco-responsible initiatives will be carried out to promote public transportation for spectators.

Eco-responsible, inclusive, participative and popular: the Paris 2020 European Athletics Championships aim to leave an essential legacy to boost the success of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The 2020 European Athletics Championships at a glance

26th edition, the first organised in France since 1938

Competition at Charléty Stadium, capacity 19,000 seats

Athletes will be accommodated at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris

1,400 athletes representing 51 nations

1,000 media representatives

French Athletics Federation: 315,000 members in France, 4th European federation in number of members

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